Rapid Fire Book Tag

I saw this on The Writer’s Wellspring  and just had to do it too!

1. Ebook or physical books?

Definitely physical books. I’ve never read an ebook and don’t plan to. I love the smell of paper and the feel of a book in my hand. I also love my personal library.

2. Paperback or hardback?

Ooh. That’s hard. I love a hardback, but paperback can be more comfortable to read with. I like hardback on my shelf and paperback in my hand.

3. Online or in-store book shopping?

Both. I prefer in-store shopping because I spend a LONG time looking through books, but I like making my wish list on Amazon.

4. Trilogies or series?

Series. The longer I can be with characters, the better.

5. Heroes or villains?

I love a good villain! I really appreciate the psychology behind a villain. I especially love when a villain is the protagonist.

6. A book you want everyone to read?

The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

7. Recommend an underrated book?

Villete by Charlotte Bronte. Much less well-known that Jane Eyre but at least as technically good if not possibly better.

8. The last book you finished?

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

9. The last book you bought?

A Crown of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas. Just bought it yesterday.

10. Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?

A boomark with a stuffed animal mouse head.

11. Used books: yes or no?

Absolutely. I collect vintage classics.

12. Three favourite genres?

Mystery, Fantasy, Historical Fiction

13. Borrow or buy?

Always buy. I’m a strong believer in having a personal library. (Borrowing from the library is acceptable, however.)

14. Characters or plot?

Characters, hands-down. I read for the characters. And when I write, the plot is merely a construct to show how the characters transform.

15. Long or short books?

Short. I don’t like long books. They’re not comfortable to hold, and I like to be comfortable when I read.

16. Long or short chapters?

Short. I like to have good stopping places often.

17. Name the first 3 books you think of.

Howl’s Moving Castle, Swiss Family Robinson, Les Miserables

18. Books that made you laugh or cry?

I’m pretty sure I cried when Beth died in Little Women. I cried like a baby when I read Island of the Blue Dolphins when I was a kid.

19. Our world or fictional worlds?

Our world if its historical, but fictional worlds are a lot of fun. I definitely like to write them.

20. Audiobooks; yes or no?

No. I like to read.

21. Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?

Always. My husband is a graphic designer. He’s instilled his sense of taste in me.

22. Book to movie or TV adaptations?

I like TV adaptations best. My favorites are the Poirot series. I’m also really excited about the new Murder on the Orient Express movie

23. Movie/TV show you preferred to its book? 

I can’t think of anything off-hand. I haven’t read GOT yet, but I’m a huge fan of the show. I would probably be more attached to the show at this point than the books.

24. Series or standalones?

Series. I get super-attached to characters.


Well, that was fun! Y’all do it too!


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